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Our Mission:

We help our customers to realize their ambitions and business goals by means of innovative IT Training & Certification for IT Professionals, Web Designers and Computer Users.

Our Core Values:


Our offices are located at the following addresses:

CompuLearn Caribbean
San Barbola 61-B
Oranjestad, Aruba
+297 588 0313
+297 588 0312

CompuLearn always makes sure the locations are provided with sufficient parking space and facilities.


An informal work climate within a flat organizational structure

As a specialized training company CompuLearn hold a niche place within the IT sector. Also as it comes to the corporate culture, management style, and the possibilities to develop oneself, CompuLearn is a special company.
Our terms of employment are exceptionally good and we offer a relaxed work climate where the dress code is business casual.
The doors at CompuLearn are always open and everybody is free to speak out their suggestions or alternatives. We think it is important for the employees to be able to be creative at work but also relax and laugh at times.

CompuLearn gives you space and responsibilities

CompuLearn believes that every person has got their own responsibilities. That is why we like to give everybody the space to show us what they can do for our company. We encourage you to develop your own initiatives. We would rather see you making a mistake once in a while then always see you play safe. The new people we are looking for should fit in our corporate culture of own responsibility and initiative.

Permanent further education through courses and seminars

CompuLearn has a progressive view on IT-education. This does not only account for our customers but also for our own employees. Whoever works at CompuLearn is continuously being trained to keep up with the latest developments. Together with an internal trainer you will set up a personal training program that will be of great value to the rest of your development and career. This is just one of the many attractive terms of employment that CompuLearn offers you as a standard.
A professional recruitment policy is very important for CompuLearn. Every new employee gets a complete job description with a detailed plan of the training period. During the first few days you will be accompanied by your personal coach who will also be able to provide you with training advise.

Active employees

Team spirit is a very important aspect of a modern company, which is why we arrange events on a regular basis. We always try to combine work and fun, so everybody will like it. Of course partners are invited to.

Be the first to access the latest products

Whoever works for CompuLearn will continuously be in touch with the newest programs and techniques and will always work with the most advanced equipment. Before a new software program even comes into circulation our Product Specialists have been studying the program for a certain time and tested it in our own testing center. They will translate the knowledge they have acquired into a practical course.
Our strength is to convert complicated matters into a course method with the right balance  between theory and practice. We work with a team of specialists who are being active all around the country and not only with trainers but also with logistic, commercial and administrative talents. This does not mean that we are not constantly looking for new colleagues. We are not only looking for specialists/trainers but also commercial, logistic and administrative talent.
It is evident that there are excellent opportunities at CompuLearn for IT-specialists. You can count on constantly working with the latest programs and the possibility to exchange expertise with coworkers who are just as dedicated as you.
Besides that there is also a nice challenge in selling all these carefully arranged courses. There for we need a training consultant who is able to advise our customers about every IT-question they come up with. So do you have a commercial mind and are you able to place yourself into the mind of our customers? If so then we would like to get to know you better. We would also like to get in contact with administrative and logistic talent with the same attitude.

More information?

Would you like to see what job openings CompuLearn has to offer you at this moment?
Contact our recruitment staff at: (297)-5880313.